The Synodal Pathway- Reflection Questions

Published on March 15, 2022

During Lent parishes and parishioners are invited to discuss and reflect on the synod in which Pope Francis asks us for our views for the future of the church.
A public meeting for parishioners of the Parish will take place in the Community Centre on Tuesday 29th March at 8pm. All are welcome

Synodal invitation to all parishioners – Please take time to reflect on the following questions

When you think of your experience of the local Church

1. In what way do you feel a sense of welcome and appreciation, a sense of
belonging in our local Church Community?

2. How can we be a more inclusive church community & listen to voices who
feel on the margins?

3. What encourages you to get involved in local Church community? What
discourages you?

4. In what manner can we reach out? Where do you see Hope for the future?