Update on Meeting of Bishops – Monday, April 6th, 2020

Published on April 6, 2020

Celebration of Easter Triduum
As a follow-on from the recent ringing of bells it was proposed that from 9.00 pm on Holy Saturday night that Churches would be lit up as a symbol of Christ the light of the World.
It was proposed to recommend to families that a candle representing the light of the Resurrection would be lit by families during their meal on Easter Sunday.

Distribution of Easter Water
Similar to the distribution of Palms yesterday it was felt that distribution of Holy Water might not be safe and it was proposed that the faithful would have water prepared in their homes similar to the Palms that they would be blessed remotely from Churches from webcams or whatever form of coverage they have available for linking in.

Opening of Churches
In response to requests to have Churches opened for a designated time during the Triduum it was felt it would go against the spirit of the current Government guidelines that are in place until Easter Sunday, discouraging people from assembling in buildings, so the recommendation is that Churches should remain closed until further notice.

Outdoor Calvaries
It was suggested that many parishes, cemeteries have grottos and out-door calvaries, so if crowds did not gather in any significant numbers it might be a safer option for people to pray privately on Good Friday