Memo on Munster Bishops Meeting March 31st

Published on April 3, 2020

Spiritual Outreach On line The many efforts at local level to reach out to the faithful on-line was highly commended and encouraged

Closure of Churches There has been some feedback about the decision to close Churches in light last Friday’s lockdown.  Regrettable and all as it is, the vast majority of people understand why it was done and it will be reviewed accordingly when the state restrictions are reviewed.

Funerals Government advice today is that funerals can still go ahead, provided there are no more than 10 people present.  If numbers attending become an issue, as it has in some areas, it was felt it would be appropriate to contact the Gardaí for assistance as it is an issue of public safety.

Chrism Mass Most dioceses have decided to postpone Chrism Mass.  We have decided following consultation to go ahead with it, bless the oils and have a separate celebration with clergy present when the crisis is over, DV.

Celebration of Holy Week While it is in order to bless palms on Palm Sunday and Bless Easter water on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, during the actual ceremonies, it was felt it wouldn’t be a good idea to have either available for public collection due to possible infection risks.

Sunday Weddings While most dioceses do not allow Sunday weddings there was divided opinion about having an amnesty for couple who have to reschedule.  We have decided following consultation to allow for an amnesty, provided the couples e-mail me giving details of change of dates.  To date I have received and granted four such requests

Concelebration The practice of concelebration for the moment is being discouraged in line with the current restrictions.  There was divided opinion, in the event of concelebration happening as to whether it was best to have a separate chalice for each priest present or as to whether intinction was safe to avoid infection.  My own view is that intinction might be the best available option.